Naro & Lemle (1976) Syntactic diffusion

citation: Naro, Anthony J. & Miriam Lemle. 1976. “Syntactic diffusion.” In: Sanford B. Steever, Carol A. Walker & Salikoko S. Mufwene, eds. Papers from the Parasession on Diachronic Syntax. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society. pp. 221–239.

written by: Lemle, Miriam; Naro, Anthony J.

title: Syntactic diffusion

chapter of: Steever, Walker & Mufwene (1976) Papers from the Parasession on Diachronic Syntax

referenced by: Holm (1987) Creole influence on Popular Brazilian Portuguese

keyworded: subject/verb agreement in Brazilian Portuguese

language coverage: Portuguese, carioca


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