Something is happening here …

This blog has been in abeyance since I stopped my PhD, because of health problems. I’ve been blogging sporadically at another blog, and I’ve decided to import that to here, coalesce the two, and make it my main blog. So, if you follow this blog for the academiccy stuff, you are shortly to be plagued by rants, dubious attempts at humour, and gin.

There is a possibility that I will be restarting the PhD in the near future, however, as I have been in talks with Groningen University about studying there. The Dutch PhD-by-publication system is much more suited to me: my health problems largely derived from the stress of trying to complete a PhD in the limited time available under the British system, coupled with the necessity of work, and the problems of actually being consistently productive when one has a bugger of a neurological condition which renders one’s productivity sporadic at best.

So watch this space, or unfollow if you want. I have no intention of removing the existing posts, and will continue to post on academic stuff as and when that restarts.

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