vingilance (n.) the paranoid monitoring of one’s own speech due to having had one or two glasses of wine at the start of a formal reception or dinner; not enough to cause inebriation but sufficient to become hyper-alert to one’s tendency to run one’s mouth off when inebriated. Usually leads to more stilted conversation than if one had had no wine at all, or too much.

As I was at a dinner at All Souls College last night with the great and good of Arabic literary studies, including the editorial board of my publishing gig, I was expecting to find myself in a vingilant state for most of the evening; however it turns out that the wine at All Souls is really rather good, and I quickly segued into the mouth-off-running condition after all.


underhungover (adj.) being in the condition, after a somewhat steamy night out, of feeling suspiciously unpained and clear-headed the following morning; usually symptomatic of being still inebriated. Differs from gintrospection (q.v.) in that it occurs at one’s usual rising time, and is accompanied by a sense of well-being and relief.

Fortunately, being nowhere near as debauched as the pose I like to strike in my online persona, underhangovers are a rare occurrence for me.

On manflu

Just as the sun has decided to unveil itself to Oxford, I appear to contracted some hideous virus that has liquidized my brain: there can be no other explanation for both my limited capacity for thought and the sheer quantity of fluid escaping out of my nose. As I have an Arabic lesson shortly, this may well use up my entire intellectual resources for today, so it is likely that this is all you’re getting for M in the A to Z blogging challenge. Hopefully service will resume tomorrow, should I survive.

(I did warn you I’m a kvetch about these matters.)