On hiatus

This is not my formal H entry for the A to Z blogging challenge: just a quick note that, due to a publishing deadline of today (another H too: Ḥadīth ʿĪsā ibn Hishām (What ʿĪsā ibn Hishām Told Us), available soon from your local NYUP stockist) and additionally the return of my brother and nephew from the antipodes for a quick visit, I have had to have a short hiatus in my blogging.

Normal service will return tomorrow, including the overdue entries.


gintrospection (n.) that period of self-analysis at about five in the morning after a few too many gin and tonics, when one cannot sleep but is not actually in any physical pain, and is probably still slightly drunk, a little bit maudlin, too incoherent to read, but coherent enough to brave the depths of one’s personality. A palpable sense of the utter transitory nature of existence and the inevitability of nothingness, whilst not obligatory, certainly adds an urgency and piquancy to the process.

I’m a big fan of the occasional bout of gintrospection, I really am. Helps you keep perspective.

Going places

This blog is going places, I tell you. Not only have I received Likes from legit people I don’t know, but there’s shortly gonna be a Guest Post, the true indicator of a successful blog.

Look out for it soon, up there .