Spare a moment’s thought for poor James Comey

Poor James Comey. He has asked the US justice department to publicly reject so-called President Trump’s claims of an Obama-instigated wiretap, “because of his concern that the allegation was false and suggested the FBI had broken the law.”

James! Snowflower! Someone abused their position to make a scurrilous and tenuous claim imputing wrongdoing on your part, in order to promote their own political agenda? Oh, that must burn.

Of course, he is in the position to do so in no small measure because you yourself … ah, you’re there already aren’t you? There’s no way you get to be head of the FBI without a delicious sense of irony.

Melania Trump is not the problem

Lots of indignation on Twitter and other parts of my social media echo-chamber about the £14 million it will cost to secure Trump Tower because Melania Trump will not be residing at the White House. In case you’re a little behind on this: Melania Trump is not the problem.

The problem is that the USA has a so-called President who is a narcissist fantasist, a self-confessed abuser, a misogynist, a racist, and a fascist, who has signed memos he has not read, who brain-farts threats and bullying on Twitter with no thought for the consequences, who has—through his utter unsuitability for and uninterest in doing the job he was elected to—handed power to the white supremacist Steve Bannon.  The problem is a National Security Advisor who wishes to “excise” Islam. The problem is an Education Secretary who has no experience or knowledge of education. The problem is Jeff Sessions. And the problem is that even if, as seems quite possible, a Trump meltdown leads to him vacating the Oval Office, he will be replaced by a religious fundamentalist.

Leave Melania Trump out of it, unless she actually does something genuinely worth commenting on. Indignation directed at her is, quite simply, judgemental misogyny. There are so many necessary and progressive targets of your rage. Don’t waste it and undermine your supposed progressiveness by indulging in this spite.